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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Talking business

Last week,while attending the YouTube Uganda launch, I met a lady I have always admired,for her writing. She makes Technology sound so everyday,which in reality it isn't, according to my farmer's mind anyway.
While we talked,she mentioned my earlier articles in the Daily Monitor and how she scoured my blog all through to look for inspiration! Really? This blog?
And how I had stopped writing entrepreneurship after a while,and she stopped visiting.

I have two types of guests here.Those who come looking for some business sense and those who enjoy the banter. I respect them both equally. But I have always had a conflict of defining the blog and who I write for. Being the nature of blogs,I tend to write for me,what comes to my mind,but the readership is definitive.

So this week I made a decision,to split the blog. I will keep writing entrepreneurship and business here,with a light touch of course,but I will take the humor and bizarre stories to www.njukimoments.wordpress.com
That will be my other home.
You are welcome to stay.

I believe that no one can teach you about money. You have to do it yourself and money matters have never been fair,you are either at an advantage or you are being taken advantage of.That is why I choose to learn about money.
Writing about money and business does not make me an expert.Not at all. I am merely sharing my experiences. My successes.And most often, my failings.My mistakes.
So I will share here as well as there.Take your pick,though I hope you pick both.Because they are all thoughts I put together hoping someone will either enjoy them or learn from them.

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