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Saturday, April 2, 2011

we don't get what we deserve,we get what we negotiate for...

Life has never been fair,and it's not about to be. We do not get what we deserve,we get what we negotiate for. In life,everything,and I mean everything is negotiable.Yeah,you know I am right when you remember the last time you negotiated. In prayer.Truthfully! You remember telling God how you'll turn from your sinful ways if he did you a favor.Got the tax guys off your back, perhaps? You see,we even negotiate with God!

It's a skill we cannot afford to ignore. As an entrepreneur,this only comes second to creativity.
Come with me, I share what I have picked up here.
1.Know that everything and anything can be negotiated(time salary,tax,rent,even prices).So when you think you can get a better deal on something,go for it. Negotiate more. There are also items and services which practically have no set price and how good a deal you get depends on how good your skills are.

2.Appear to have the interest of the other person in mind. We hate selfishness. Even if the truth is that you are negotiating for personal interest,give credit where it is due.Appreciate the fact that the other person too is looking out for their interest and respect them for it . The suave negotiator then, is one who comes off as not selfish but puts the other party's interest ahead of their own.Something like 'if I gave you Shs 2000 for this,would you make any profit?' Its a question with a concern and you are likely to get a fairly genuine answer. Instead of for example.'Me I only have Shs 2,000 or I go'.

3.The person who can walk away holds all the power. Be prepared to walk away.Even when you think you found the answer you have been long looking for but the price doesn't seem right,rather walk away and come back later.Once one party knows you have no other options,they close in for the kill.
4.Give some, lose some. You can't win it all.Even if you agreed on the price or preferred condition at first attempt,know that you can't win it all. Drop a condition in exchange for money or vice versa.That way every one leaves the table happier and you will be welcomed back for more business.
5. Know the rules of the game.Sometimes negotiating in a particular way is outright offensive.Inquire if you can negotiate.It doesn't kill.
6.Don't appear desperate.Be the calmest you can be. Appear conformable. They would rather sell cheaply to a rich man than highly to a poor man who wont buy again. Put your best impression forward.
7.Have some manners.Don't appear to have won a battle.Take it as an agreement instead. Everyone has feelings of 'I should have done better ' after every deal. Don't grow those feelings in them by celebrating wildly when you get your way. They will shun you next time.
8.What is your edge?Bulk,repetition,links? Have an edge.Or you are useless. What do I gain if I let in to your offer?
9.Don't say deal so soon.You may appear to have run with a bargain,even if you have ,really.Everyone wants to win.Let them feel they have won too.
10.On the flip side,don't be the cheapest in the market.You will be undercut and hence killed in the game.People also tend to associate low priced with low quality.So if you have a premium good or service.Charge premium prices. People will happily pay.That is why Lamborghini is still in business.

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