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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gold Jazz in this city

It’s Thursday and it been a chilly day. After the government warning us on our phones of an impending drought, it starts to rain like this!I swear I still have the text. I don't want to be that minister or even the intern who sent us the texts! Drought planning committee indeed!

Its one of those days where you are looking for something to make your day, but with rain like this I decide I will make it myself. Off to bodaboda for the Nile Gold jazz night. Code9 is playing. You know how a beer goes down after a hard day. Sheer awesomeness.
I get to Garden City. I climb the steps, up, up. One by one. I am at Bodaboda. Now when you get to bodaboda, the first expectation is one of those beefy security guards at the gate. You want to be careful with them. Their chest says it all. So I empty my pockets, keys, ka-torchi phone,coinage and I proceed almost automatically, arms raised.

Mother of all surprises, I don't find them this time! Instead I find two drummers. Serious. A chick and a guy,enjoying the drums with this smile. Am I at the right place? I rub my eyes. I look again. Ah,so jazz evening starts here! They smile me through.
That's creativity.
That is ushering with a difference !
The mood caught on. I go straight to where the band is. Singing along to the entry drums.

Now,I am sure you are mostly used to watching performances below the stage while the band drums and sing at the plat form. Here,there are ringside seats if you like.Close to the action. You are like those 3D movies where you are inside the match oba?. Tip:next time go for those seats.

So,the band plays and the beer flows. I tell you,this music here is good. Not the usual jazz of tululululu...This is jazz you don't have to pretend to enjoy. It sips right into you..you can't complain. The evening wears on. Now, I may not be able to express myself fully about the crowd right now. I was concentrating on the music (ears and eyes) and the drink(other senses). I hope the same crown attends next time, so I will tell you.

I only hear the next day that there was a movie too. No! Why didn’t some one tell me?

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