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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

is there such a thing as too much inspiration?

Every piece of advice we receive involves encouraging us to plan and research and find out what else had been done in our field of interest. We get that from history class, from bible school and from medical class(I guess). History is all around us. Those who know how those who walked before us did so, tend to perform much better. We look to our superiors for inspiration.
I am a book fanatic. Scratch that. I am a reading freak. I read practically everything and anything. It must have been nurtured from childhood. Both my parents were teachers and I learned to read before I went to school.( Quick math tel you I skipped nursery school.Which might explain strains of anti-social behavior)But I digress.

The point though is not when I started to read and how much I have read since then. I Picked up on the growing trend of self help books at some point after school .I don’t remember exactly how I dug in ,but the trend and the self help books industry is growing and so is my reading list. I know I speak to someone right now, It has grown to include podcasts and audio books too.

Self help books are those which are meant to encourage us, to press on, to inspire us to be better,by achieving, getting inspired or even break some habits. My favorites have been from Gordon Wavamunno,to Bill Gates and Donald Trump to Sir Richard Branson. From Russ Whitney to Ambrose Kibuuka to David Schwarz, and of course the legendary Robert Kiyosaki.

I have also attended an enviable number of seminars and conventions where earth moving speakers have presented. I have a collection of DVDs too and audio books. This is all healthy I fathom, after all I want to chart the water they have sailed. And so do you. Question Is.. How much inspiration is enough?

I know there are several faces I keep meeting at every speaker’s forum or every Inspiration event and they never change. They keep soaking up more and more information and skills from the professionals. However, there never seems to be any progress in their business life. They tend to tell the story of just about to start that business, just about to write that book, just about to do that project,let me just do a little more research. Yes

I had read all this for about three years before I decided enough was enough. You just can’t take directions all your life. You need to start on your own and start on your own journey. That is when I choose action against, well, more inspiration and repeating what Kiyosaki was saying about business. I know a lot of us have come across several useful guide books in business, and I congratulate you. You need a guide on this journey, but like an infant you need to be weaned of this habit if you are to begin. Especially if it threatens to become addiction and impede action and progress.
I confess, once in a while I go back to my collection of books, and it’s a quite a collection, for more inspiration; when I am down, when I am looking for a new solution but I had to put it aside to be able to start on my own. Do not substitute thinking with reading.

If you are in my boat then, where you read more self help than do business, stop now, please, and start working on your dream. Because I believe, yes, there is such a thing as too much inspiration. You need to create your own and move. Do that. Do not be held up by what they sometimes refer to as Analysis Paralysis, where you analyze too much, the finer details scare you and you don’t move on. It is such an idea killer. I know I have come full circle with my second business, I seem to find more reason to do more research and read one more book, but I should hide my collection for a while till I have taken some more steps in that direction. You should do the same, or if you have moved this journey, congratulations for having been inspired just enough to move on and begin.

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