Njuki Moments

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Au revoir

Yesterday,Tuesday 28 June 2011,I waved goodbye to Rotaract,a home I have had for the past decade or so.It was a fairly large audience,and I don't know whether it was just to see me go or it was a mere coincidence.Well,I wasn't the only one leaving. More than ten years ago,I was an ashen faced,shy,slim young man who was starting university.My first port of call as the Rotaract Club of Makerere University.I found my friendship in Rotaract.I belonged. Alot of my friends then probably remember the attachment because when we meet now they are surprised I never left.
I tend to be long term,by the way.

I was allowed to share a little about me throughout the years. Particularly about my Immediate Past club,the Rotaract Club of Kampala city. I have grown up here.I now carry myself better,hope I am a better leader and I know I have taken out more than I have given. I am truly proud. The journey has taken me through several lands,from Kigali to Nairobi,from Dar -es Salaam,Zanzibar to Addis Ababa.
I have toured the District and neighbors...and that usual friendliness that only comes with years of sharing,surprisingsly that is brimming in the family which meets you every where,and always that tag.."any time you find yourself in this Country,give me a call". True hospitality.

My start was actually at the Interact Club of St.Henry's College,Kitovu,and for a past seminarian in a school of 200,you can't say I knew every one.Leaving the exclusive club needed new friends,and I will be honest here I simply joined for the word,'Interact',well it means Interact and I was not wrong.

So life has been great.I found a wife,in Rotaract,I shared a Club with a brother,you could say adding new meaning to the word family.A brother who by the way got me very emotional narrating his journey in the Club. Those deep truths that come out with tears!

Like I said, Iam glad to leave,not because I have had enough,you can't have enough here,whether fun or friendship.Infact the longer you stay,the longer you want to stay..you get comfortable.
But I need to move on.To create space and room for the new members to bloom and grow..and honestly I had reached the maximum age limit.

So I will move on to new lands,new territory and Iam brimming with mirth,I may yet be the youngest there...

But it hasn't been love alone-I have also been deeply hurt,and you could say such is life..and it's the experiences that make us who we are.I have learned as well.It is also said that when you get hurt,it teaches you to apreciate love and friendship more. I will do the same.Besides,we need to apprecaite that every rose carries with it a thorn,and the work of the thorn is to prick.Can you imagine roses without thorns, they wouldn't be roses then!

So,to all family and friends,see you around. I would never ask for another life.


  1. wow.....this is way too cool...thank you for serving the community through rotaract....i knw ul keep up the spirit... cecilia

  2. Life is a journey. The more we think we are closer to the end, the more we discover we haven't even covered much ground yet. Fare thee well in your next stage of 'service above self.' I trust you've found a place to nest.

  3. Keep keeping on.

  4. Thanks,Cecilia,and Anonymous. Oz-M,yes I have.Thanks,ans have a great year at the helm of a great Club.