Njuki Moments

Monday, June 20, 2011

bird poop

Yesterday I was humbly taking my walk through my leafy neighborhood when I felt something cool.No.Cold on my head. I looked up,and then I Couldn't see any more,well for the next four minutes.Then I wondered,when they talk about blessings flowing from heaven,is this how they fall?

Kumbe some family of birds had decided I was the nearest thing to a flush toilet for them.

All my swagger was gone.I thought of returning home,but how do you return home like that! If those of home don't laugh at you they will pity you,and me and pity are not exactly very good friends.

Seriously,how does one go ahead to address situations like that?
Its only later that I realized that birds are taught these things in their schools.


  1. I like this Emma! It might be hard for you to take, but you are one of those people that admire. Keep going, and keep inspiring us. I love the imaginative touch I often find in your lovely writings!
    David Ssentamu (Fr).

  2. Thank you Fr. Coming from you,I feel honored.