Njuki Moments

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Season II: Is that her ....Emma?

Previously on ..Is that her Emma?

Hot, lip-licking chick going for Emma.We later find out she is Lynette.
 Flash Flash.

Green eyed gal giving Emma the Look(that must be Dorah)

Dude Deo, eyes swollen and wet, saliva flowing (evident  palm tracks on cheek)

our ka jingle plays.....,gets loud,louder.....then fades ,fades....

Presently. Two guys are seen at a table with a platter with something that seems sweet. One Guinness,One Bell Lager and a Smirnoff Ice Black.
 You know I don't work  for a hard -drinks company, I just support them...and since these events happened that way,I have to mention the beer I was drinking! Yes.The Bell was mine.
The beauty with being Catholic.We are allowed a drink anytime,  in public,wherever, and its not a sin! Yippee!

The House rules,guys.This again is a Men Only post.Okay? So I won't be responsible for what your girlfriend does to you if she finds out you read such stuff! I will deny you.

Its been several days since my main man got slapped. By a one- day- old gal-friend at that! Such balls!...okay I meant guts! So we are seated at a platter when he receives this call.

       "Where are you?"
  (this question makes telephone companies rich.If it went out of fashion,or by any luck got outlawed, profits would drop. I tell you)
"I am  just leaving home."
"Are you sure Deo?"
"Yes Dorah. Did you want to come by............?"
"Nga I see your car packed out here....?"
Phone clicks off and previous caller confidenttly struts to our table,invades our pork and hence the Smirnoff Ice on table. 

Some time back:
As boys ,we watch each others' back. We are brothers. You there...not like that!  

Like I was saying..... brothers cover each others' back.So when Dorah asked me what happened at the Kasiki I kept to my part which gladly ends with me in my bed. If she wanted x-rated stuff,she had to ask someone else.
Deo had also been briefing me  earlier,some one had sold him out.
"Ggwe man. Do you know Dorah found out?"
"Found out......?"
"Yes  man.She even knows I was slapped by that ka Lynette.Whoever told her!"
"How many people know?"
"Ate how many? You, me,and Lynette."
"Do the math, man.Someone told some one.Are you sure they don't know each other?How did she react when she found out?"
"That girl is full of surprises.She just told me that she knows my type,mbu that whatever I do doesn't surprise her at all..can you imagine?!"
Now Dorah,seated calmly and drink ordered,explains to me an interesting concept.I swear at the end of this lecture.I demand that God starts making chicks with user manuals.They are just so ever changing.You need a write out from manufacturer to understand them.

You think you  are wise?!
'You guys think you are smart,but you just don't know! For me I know this guy, he cheats,he lies he is a drunk,but I choose to stay with him.You see not many girls can stand that kind of guy. Nga we have gone through alot together!! Those bu-girls will come and go.Do you think she was the first? When she called me that  morning I hear to boast I just told her she won't manage and  I am not afraid of her.'

This is some lucky dude, I think. She is that understanding!

 It comes as a shocker brethren, when five months later I find Dorah pregnant ,and its not Deo's! Her explanation? Even patient women sometimes can't take   the shit no more.
"Tell your friend he can come for my kwanjula if he wants. Its next week- end."