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Saturday, January 15, 2011

So I am taken,so what?

Me when I was growing up,my mummy did not tell me a lot about girls.She probably wanted to avoid stoking  my interest so soon. Even when I considered myself grown (some say I still behave like a baby),our talk did not shift in that direction,well because I was grown. I am curious,but the type who wants to pick experience by observing from the sidelines. I did the same with swimming,and look where I am. Still at the shallow end.

 I can say I have picked up alot of experience from the sidelines.Alot of it not mine.But I love the saying that learn  people's mistakes,you  may not live long enough to commit your own.
That said,someone please tell me why this girl behaves that way. It has been 4 years,almost and I don't understand why a girl would take offence over such a thing as this! Any help coming?

During my time on the sidelines,I made friends,boys and girls alike. Friendship with boys is easy,you talk about football,girls and you drink beer.Lots of it. Friendship with the girls is more delicate,you never quite know what you cannot say or can say. During this time,I didn't date from the fold. So they must have assumed I was happy that way.

Now,here is where I need your help in translating girl behaviour. I will illustrate.
Iam lazing in my hotel room,having travelled too far to be here. I am sharing a cottage with my friend. Other people I know were expected later. The phone rings and I ignore it.Who would be looking for me from the hotel phone in  Bagamoyo? It wont stop ringing,so my friend answers it,rather rudely to the tune:
"How may I help you?" he bellows,
"Oh,it is you. Anti I was just concerned. I thought I was the first here,then I see Emma's name at reception check in.I asked who he is sharing the cottage with and they refuse to tell me......", a female voice goes on
Mbu since she knew I had not travelled with madam,she got curious.This from someone who I have not talked to for more than five minutes in the past five years combined. This girl can talk.Even when she should be embarassed,she will still be talking be on top of her voice.
 I dismissed her banter considering her reputation.

 I was broke anyway,and apart from the conference to distract me and enjoying the ocean,I had blown all my trip's money in Zanzibar.Komba dicotheque,if you want to know.But Iam sure you don't. Maybe another time.

This incident was brought to the fore when during another trip something came up.
The first time my 'girl-friends' met my girl friend,two things happened.They loved her and then demonised me.
Mbu  you don't know those guys.Nga they can be BAD.  They just use you and dump you,trust us.We have known especialy that guy for five years.What do you know?' motor-mouth and the gang told my angel. 

During this second trip somehow we got talking about me.She jumps in and call us all to attention.
"Stop right there.There is someting I want to confirm.Emma,I hear you said mbu before you were hitched,most girls ignored you,but now that you are taken they throw themselves at you. How can you ?"
Okay I will own up. I did say something like that after a particular incident,which Iam sure you also don't want to know about,right? Okay,if you insist. Another time.Promise.
But at that time,I could not explain especially to this woman that it was none of her business and since one or two of the gang  members which had expressed my praise in 'glowing' terms to my angel were in attendance and were quite eagerly waiting for my response,it could onlyturn into more bruised egos.

Iam just saying,why the sudden interest by someone whose lack of interest was greatly appreciated before and would be very welcome even now?

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