Njuki Moments

Friday, September 23, 2011

What is in a name?

You know how Shakespeare was? Eh.
You don't know? Let me tell you.
One day, Shakespeare was in love,so he faces a serious problem,how does he tell the ka-girl he wanted eer he was in love with that they ....eeer you know...

So Shakespeare was clever.He wrote a play and dedicated the killer words(said by a girl in the play) to the ka-lover. Genius,if you ask me.
You too can use the line if you ever find yourself in a place of inconvenience-meaning when you have fallen for some one with a bad name. Roll it off your tongue like dis..."What is in a name?
(Really.What?) That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
..and this is a long time-ago- girl showing you game.

Any way.Now the story.
I have had issues,serious issues courtesy of my name.Actually,both,lest one gets jealous. I was born Emmanuel Njuki(M.B.K).
In the village where I was born,the locals called me Manweli. I didn't mind;after all I didn't know better.Then French happened to me and I realized,the French alternative is close, Manuel.
Then one day some one decides to be creative with my name.They decide it rhymes better as Emma Njuki. It picks up. Trouble starts.
Okay,not yet.In Uganda,it is common to find guys being called Emma...and they are not gay. We have this random pastime of cutting short every name...say Nebuchadunezer to Neb. We even have guys called Kanye here.Full version is Kanyerezi.

So,as I was there enjoying my new version of name. I take a trip to Nairobi.
Our hosts ask for a list of names,and there my name appears.
Just to prepare you.It is a totally different picture in Nairobi.They have more female Emma's than male.In fact they don't seem to have any males at all.Emma's I mean.

Some random dude decides on who to host basing on the name..expecting a voluptuous Ugandan dame,who may even know Swahili. You know us with Swa.

Shocker of all shocks.When Emma disembarks from the bus beard first;he is fully male.Dude decides there and then he will host someone else.

The joke has been on him since then.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

in the job market,think exit when you gain entry

This may sound unnatural. You don’t start planning you leave when you get somewhere new to work. But the truth is, that by the time we come to the end of our lives, we have worked several jobs. Unfortunately, much as we plan to get the job, we rarely plan to leave it. We are most times asked to leave, and we do, with surprise written all over our face, cursing the boss.
True, we do not get this suggestion when we sign the contract, but if you checked well, that contract does have an end-period. No? So in your employer’s eyes things could swing either way. If you still need each other by the end of that period, contract will be renewed, and if not, you will be asked to leave.
The message has been passed on already. You signed a contract. Meaning you may or may not be at that desk beyond the contract period. But if your employer is thinking that way already, why shouldn't you? Two years later, when they announce we will not need your services any more and your heart starts racing. Didn't you read through the contract?
So, gird your loins. Work hard enough as if it is your last day, but don't be blinded, it’s only you who is in charge of your future, and it is going to be much longer than that two year contract.
So how do you get ready to quit on the first day?
Know that this is just a pit stop. Use it well, but there is more ahead. Plan for it. We work for different reasons. Mostly it could be to earn a living. Some of us work to learn while others work for fun. Whatever your reasons for going to work, have an exit strategy in mind.
Be the best employee.
You could give your best, and it is only fair when you do because that is why you are there in the first place. However take responsibility for the job you do. In being the best at what you do, you create a niche for yourself. Your co-workers and team leaders will love you for it and you will be indispensable. Be the employee you employer cannot do without. Even when hard times come and some people have to be let go, chances are that you will be the last on that list because you add value to the company and you are needed around to weather the hard times.
Study more. Learn as much as you earn.
Employers will do anything for a competent employee. If your job needs you to go back to school, do that. If you can learn on the job, do that. Be as productive as you can be. The more you are willing to improve your self to do a better job, the more your employer relies on you and the longer they are likely to have you around as well as share their benefits with you. Make your employer know you are indispensable, by working smart. Create solutions.
However, much as all this may be one, the days of permanent and pensionable employment are long gone. There may be a time when you really are asked to leave. Be prepared for this and don’t be drawn down by stress and anger. The people who are the best at what they do also tend to attract other offers along the way. What this means is that you have so many employers head-hunting for you and you are spoilt for choice. That could be the best insurance in the job market. Be the best you can be. Word spreads fast. And whatever you are looking for, finds you fast.

"Even us we fought", Trees tell government

For a government that came into power through the bush(read forest),you would think they would be sensitive to the needs of their colleagues who helped them fight,the trees.But wapi.
In a rare show of anger the forest veteran's association expressed their disappointment in their former rebel colleagues who they thought were buddies,connected at the hip since the struggle.

" I tell you,during that bush war,we bent over backwards,literary, to protect the backs of those soldiers fighting to liberate Uganda.We did not go into exile to eat sausages like others.And this is how we get paid! By being cut down. Now wonder even one of us,was sent out of government",mother tree,spokesperson of the association said in apparent reference to Mahogany.

"But we have learned our lesson.We shall not just give up like that.We shall borrow a leaf from the opposition,and organize a demonstration."

Frustration allover his face bark,the visibly teary tree said they had instead been expectant of their own district only to be bombarded by the news of the impeding cut down so as to create space for sugar growing.
The government of Uganda has suggested giving away 7,100 hectares of Mabira forest to a Sugar company to grow sugar cane.

"At least,it would have been something else,but sugar cane!" Mother tree wonders. Now we shall not be as welcoming.Some people just want to use us when they get to power."
And with that,the interview was over.