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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Even us we fought", Trees tell government

For a government that came into power through the bush(read forest),you would think they would be sensitive to the needs of their colleagues who helped them fight,the trees.But wapi.
In a rare show of anger the forest veteran's association expressed their disappointment in their former rebel colleagues who they thought were buddies,connected at the hip since the struggle.

" I tell you,during that bush war,we bent over backwards,literary, to protect the backs of those soldiers fighting to liberate Uganda.We did not go into exile to eat sausages like others.And this is how we get paid! By being cut down. Now wonder even one of us,was sent out of government",mother tree,spokesperson of the association said in apparent reference to Mahogany.

"But we have learned our lesson.We shall not just give up like that.We shall borrow a leaf from the opposition,and organize a demonstration."

Frustration allover his face bark,the visibly teary tree said they had instead been expectant of their own district only to be bombarded by the news of the impeding cut down so as to create space for sugar growing.
The government of Uganda has suggested giving away 7,100 hectares of Mabira forest to a Sugar company to grow sugar cane.

"At least,it would have been something else,but sugar cane!" Mother tree wonders. Now we shall not be as welcoming.Some people just want to use us when they get to power."
And with that,the interview was over.

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