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Friday, September 23, 2011

What is in a name?

You know how Shakespeare was? Eh.
You don't know? Let me tell you.
One day, Shakespeare was in love,so he faces a serious problem,how does he tell the ka-girl he wanted eer he was in love with that they ....eeer you know...

So Shakespeare was clever.He wrote a play and dedicated the killer words(said by a girl in the play) to the ka-lover. Genius,if you ask me.
You too can use the line if you ever find yourself in a place of inconvenience-meaning when you have fallen for some one with a bad name. Roll it off your tongue like dis..."What is in a name?
(Really.What?) That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
..and this is a long time-ago- girl showing you game.

Any way.Now the story.
I have had issues,serious issues courtesy of my name.Actually,both,lest one gets jealous. I was born Emmanuel Njuki(M.B.K).
In the village where I was born,the locals called me Manweli. I didn't mind;after all I didn't know better.Then French happened to me and I realized,the French alternative is close, Manuel.
Then one day some one decides to be creative with my name.They decide it rhymes better as Emma Njuki. It picks up. Trouble starts.
Okay,not yet.In Uganda,it is common to find guys being called Emma...and they are not gay. We have this random pastime of cutting short every name...say Nebuchadunezer to Neb. We even have guys called Kanye here.Full version is Kanyerezi.

So,as I was there enjoying my new version of name. I take a trip to Nairobi.
Our hosts ask for a list of names,and there my name appears.
Just to prepare you.It is a totally different picture in Nairobi.They have more female Emma's than male.In fact they don't seem to have any males at all.Emma's I mean.

Some random dude decides on who to host basing on the name..expecting a voluptuous Ugandan dame,who may even know Swahili. You know us with Swa.

Shocker of all shocks.When Emma disembarks from the bus beard first;he is fully male.Dude decides there and then he will host someone else.

The joke has been on him since then.

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