Njuki Moments

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There is life after death;and sometimes death thereafter

I am constantly tending a small graveyard in my back yard. Once in a while I take a thoughtful walk over there and take a look,sit on a fresh tombstone,pull out a few weeds. My collection has grown. It reminds me how time flies. It sure does. You should come over visit sometime. Visit this memorial of mine. Oh ,come on,don't be like that! The graveyard is your friend. It is there that your nostrils will take in the most pure of airs. That slightly breezy wind,seeping through the trees. It makes them dance.The trees whistle. Can you believe that! Come visit sometime. Sometimes,the dead return to life. Sometimes they die,other times they live. What! You are not a believer! There is life after death. I know. Everyone of us has that back yard,where our memories and ideas are buried. Those which never took off. Those which did and crashed,and some which we hope to launch some day. Breaking out on your own teaches you lots. The good and the bad. That which no one ever tells you about,because everyone is entitled to their own experience.It is a sin to stop someone else to learn by experience. No one can teach experience. You can share,but you cant relieve it fully for some one else. I seem to have come full circle now.After a hiatus of sorts. I may just have that now famous 'primitive energy' beyond the border. I have realized that is not what you have but a state of mind. Let me digress a little. How do you make a debut flight campaign and one of the 'killer' words in the campaign meant to get people to embrace your airline is 'primitive energy'! Stay with me here. It is a question. How about if you put your self in the 'campaigners' shoes? OK? Let us do. Are you there.Laces tied up? Ok. Did they mean that the people you are flying in to see have this almost rude energy they will snatch anything or scream for service? Or is it used in a positive light to reflect,say, unspoilt,almost virgin energy? Moving on. But wait. Just a second. Primitive energy?! Really? Seriously? For a place that is going to host you and your business! I would kill to get the Korean translation.Possibly the meaning was lost in translation. But back to my collection patch.Lest any one thinks I am a cannibal or something. I am talking about ideas. Some which have come to fruition and some which haven't. Most of them have had the light of day shining on them and they have had an impact. Some have set me back.Some are yet untouched and yet they are all there,collected,as if in a trance till that spark comes in to ignite them. There is this one which just won't go away,constantly nagging,tugging,as if screaming for attention.It is now that I realize that my constant walks may have something to do will resurrecting ghosts. What did I think,you may ask. But it is also now that I remember that sometimes we work to earn,but our most memorable day and moments will be those where we work to learn.The world has a way of repaying those moments where we didn't even question for pay,as if telling us that our price is ahead and is yet multiplied and what we have picked up,no price could have paid for,and it would have been us paying! The next time we talk, this idea would have grown legs.As if zombie like,a tomb cracking open,and the opening getting bigger ,a figure walking out,dusting cob webs and dead earth from its glazed eyes and picking up speed as it goes,leaving a gaping hole in my once pristine graveyard.Going to happen to the world.And you will never notice when you meet,that this extremely tailored well cut- suit is holding what once lay there lifeless. My next big idea is here.


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