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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's musings on prostitution and global business.

So Dr. Nsaba stopped an International Sex workers' meet! Huh!
The spokesperson of the Uganda Sex Workers' Association says that  the symposium was not meant to discuss or even practice sex techniques(and we are known for those  across rivers and hills) but rather discuss occupational health issues,like occupational safety,rights and let us face it, global business strategies for  the 21st Century(it goes without saying)!
Picture this;
The Sexworkers start levying 18% VAT on sales which they retain and at the end of business year they trek to URA's Commissioner Genaral's office to remit their VAT and maybe claim some tax refund for deductible services...and let's say they have a few billions to declare.How would it be? Would the Minister of Finance together with URA call the Police or would they shake their hands and praise their contribution to national development?
Caution to the ladies(of the night) you need something else to be relevant..have what others want.Conduct profitable business. Then you will even be categorised as either mid-sized or large (he he he)tax payers! You will have the attention of the President in minutes.

Scenario2. Spiritual and moral.Say it is campaign time and all Presidential and Mayoral or even Parliamentary candidates are short of campaign cash and this humongous donation is presented ,with issues to be tabled once elected.I doubt you would have trouble capturing the  attention of leaders.You could even demand for infrastructure. Or just  start tithing and contribute generously to church projects.Prayer helps.

Or maybe you obtain World  Bank funding and on a given day in one of our dailies there is that title: Invitation  to Tender:
The Uganda Sex workers Association has recieved funding from the World Bank to the tune of 128 billion shillings..to...... Bids are invited from suitably qualified candidates without prejudice or conflict of interest to carry out a baseline survey on whatever it is....
 Some one tell me you would look the otherway if you are in the consulting business.

Lesson .Don't be poor.You will be seen in the worst light ever. So go ahead and claim those funds government has.After all you say  the Global Fund had some percentage of yours.

Or maybe you occupy offices in swanky places like Nakasero or Kololo and you advertise for jobs for your Association. A CPA here,a Legal advisor there and maybe a Medical Doctor there...Very highly competitive jobs,with high pay. Someone tell me you won't go for the interviews.Someone please.

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