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Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't tell me nuthin'. All men are dogs. tsk

Over the next couple of months,I will be writing about issues you wish you knew about men. You see,a lot of 'truths' you think you have about the menfolk are actually myths.You know why? Because they have been passed on by fellow women,who are not men(duh) so they don't know how a man reasons,what he wants and why men do what they do.

I believe in world peace and harmony,so I have decided that the more women and girls know the truth about men,the better we shall co -relate and live happier.

Of course I don't expect all smiles,especially from the brothas who will regard me as a snitch and wish to pour beer on me for telling on them,but I believe they will see the light soon.That this is for their won good too...and anyway if the beer was poured properly I won't lodge any complaints either.

So,here we go.
Where did you ever get the concept that men are dogs? How can you even liken us ,the best creatures to have walked this earth, to a dog! Beats me.
Okay ,people who keep dogs( I don't have any people I know who do ) tell me that dogs are God-sent.They are humble,polite ,loyal and protective.Great aspects of character,if you ask me.May be that is why we may be referred to as dogs too.

But No,someone here is screaming,The noun dog here has a negative connotation,for what,you tell me.

Small break as I be updated.....

Yes.I am back.
Out of my class,attended while you waited,we did not agree with the student teacher.But student teacher says that being a dog has nothing to do with sexual conquests.No? Yes(uumm she lied,it does).But the point ,normally dogs hang out together, clubs on weekends, strip clubs on Thursday’s, a bar on the other nights of the week,Rugby on Saturday while looking for something new to hit. Okay. I may agree there.

In our defense,even dogs sometimes tire of waiting for something to happen,(you get the point if you are the type)but once you have their attention,you need to keep it. It's not them,it's you.

But my promise of the whole truth about our ilk will be honored. See you after break.
Class dismissed.


  1. Ndowoza olaba! I told you I don't expect all flowers for writing this.
    Maureen,would you care to school me in those issues?