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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rotaract beach volley ball

There is that song that was famous for getting people to do things on the beach. Not that one you ..... that one says other things. I meant. Let’s go to the beach baby,by ..I think oba Julio Iglesias. Google it.

Any way having listened to said song in my head. It’s still playing. I go to the beach as it says. The Rotaract Club of Rubaga was hosting its second annual beach volley ball challenge,at Sports beach Entebbe..The song doesn’t mention it. Sponsored by Club beer. So Club was 1 k,and all its sister beers.This information may be coming to you too late,but you may use it in the future. Yes, 1 k.

So teams assemble. It's yet to be determined whether the awesome attendance was due to the fact that it was the beach or they could have known of cheap beer or the fact that they think seriously of sport o r even all the above. I don't know. I am just reporting. But all those were in plenty.
Let the games begin.

And they began. The sand was hot,the breeze cool.The fish tasty,the Club chilled. And we played. You must have notices I said 'we'. You were right. I also played.As a dangerous substitute.That’s what my coach called me.

Having mentioned also earlier that the event was sponsored by Club beer,well and Rwenzori mineral water you could have though that the players would go for water to cool off the sweltering heat. No brotha. The Club looked more inviting.

And given the inviting price mentioned earlier,it competed favorably i n attention with the games. Thank God there were no such rules of drinking under the influence;uumm eer sorry, it must be the other way round ,playing under the influence.

Before I forget.Even the music was nice.And before I forget again. The Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands took the trophy for a second year running.

Now to other attractions.

Need I say more?

Photos courtesy of Andrew M. Eunice A. and Henry K.

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