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Friday, March 25, 2011

One elephant day

This goes waaay, way back while still at Campu. You see,I had the pleasure and honor of being a Lumumbist.The great elephants you must have studied about in your history..oba was it geography class. Those ones. I was one of them. Don't be asking me about Gongom yet. But to clear ground,he is good, I hear. I mean,the guy has an empire to himself.

But that is wolokotho.To the main point.(he he i dare you to find it)

When the news hit me that I will be residing in Lumumba hall, I was both sad and oba happy. You know that feeling? We heard that is where everything goes down,you don't leave the same. But these guys(us ) have a reputation too, they are just too hard to handle. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong in Lumumba.I didn't know whether I would catch up.Iam known to be slooow many times. Now news travels fast.An old family friend learns of my admission and my assignment to Gongom land. Ha! He was a rat this guy during his days(those of Mitchel).
He calls my old man chap chap.
Mzee.I heard the boy was given Lumumba for a hall! Ha ha. you are in trouble, fellow parent. Kids don't stay in Lumumba and remain focused. You must remove that boy immediately! Pay for a hostel or something.That is one hell of a hell hole(okay he didn't use those exact words. Ed.)

So,Mzee calls me for a discussion and we must have had that discussion most serious parents have with serious children.Those of stay away from girls,stay focused and read.. By the time I was escorted to my hall,I was determined to be a good boy,after all I was assigned an Annex.Those ga rooms where you have deckers competing with people in numbers.You had to be extra naughty to be creative in such a room! Poor old man's advise was unnecessary.

Then,I see something. One fyne morning I was going for a cold shower when I detect foreign sights in the hall shower rooms,I take a double check. I look closely. I am not lying,there was a girl.Yes a girl,casually draped in a towel waiting in line for the shower. Alone like this.I died.If I was supposed to be good,why were such temptations put in my way!Straight like that! Ha. That was followed by some joke that if Lumumba hall ever fell,like many thought it would,I hear they would find more female bodies than male. Such madness.

Now. because I was a resident in that Annex for a year.Nothing else interesting happened till I moved...other than some guy we named fresher sharp who on a state visit by his gal they get busy on the upper bunk which is in the way of those large Hall windows,and just as he turns to stretch..after you know what..the whole three blocks chorus, in unison;

"Eh Lumumba Oyeee!"
"Oh fresher sharp oyee.."

Poor girl walked out with an averted face to wicked clapping. Fresher sharp applied for a dead year.

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