Njuki Moments

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

for all the girls I have loved ..

I will say this once,because deep truths make me uncomfortable. That explains why I have kept this piece as a draft for so long.For some reason,I just couldn't keep it any more. This is my homage ,my appreciation my celebration to all the gals I have been honored to love and be loved by them.

I hesitate to call you a gal.Well,because society wont allow me. But 'gal' expresses how I feel.We seem to grow together.We have played together,you sang to me,we cry together,you know my deepest fears.You seem to read my thoughts. My biggest comforter,and the first gal I met when I came here.You have taught me a lot. You, I have known longest and closest.You have shaped me and taught me how to love.I treasure every moment I have known you.You have sacrificed your life for me,in many ways.You gave me life. In my deepest fears and uncertainty,your words comfort me;"Whatever has a beginning has an end.You will be alright".

My sisters:
Boy am I lucky or what! Having come to have sisters like you is the best I could have asked for. I still don't know how to treat you,whether let you free or protect you too much. I guess we shall figure that out as we go along.Having been born after some of you and before the rest of you has given me this feeling of knowing you at all ages,all the time.
Monica and Jane,Rest in Peace. I know you still look beautiful where you are.You must make them smile. You left too early. Sadly, I never had the courage to tell you I loved you .I still do. Do you read where you are? I hope you get my feelings now.

My angel:
You,I have expressed how I feel. May be because we share a life.But you can never say enough.You know how I am, I am a man and our deep thoughts don't tend to come out often,even when they should. Thanks for what you have brought to my world,love,guidance,a soft touch and for making me a Dad.Woman of my life. I love you.

My princess:

If you study hard,some day you will read this...and probably understand it.You have re-focused my life..and you are so pretty. You rock. I will do my best to be my best.I just feel blessed to play the Dad part in your life.So we shall play and have fun and enjoy our lives. I love you too.Well,because you said if first.

My friends:
There are great women who have played teacher,mentor,friend,colleague and so many roles in my life. I know that we do not remain the same when we meet great people. It rubs off. Whatever role you have played in my life. Know I appreciate it..and I celebrate that association.

Happy Women's day to you all.


  1. very beautiful words.

  2. really touching, which ever lady is in yo life should be grateful. this is perfect!!!!

  3. Thanks my dear for the great massage. I love you more and on behalf of your princess Elsie, you are such a great dad Blessings.