Njuki Moments

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will you be my valentine?

Good night boys and girls. Is n't that how they greet when it is at night? Because in the morning we said,good morning,we can't be repeating ourselves.

So the question has been popped.Quick.Your heart begins to race. No.It doesn't. Its your feet.You run to the nail.You unpluck your favourite red shirt.You whip it out once,.Whoosh.Dust flies. Some saliva on finger tips.You reline the moustache..slowly turning bushlike. You tap tap that overgrown kaweke hair into an almost perfect afro. Hah. Now  shoes. The red ones have dust,you get the nearest rug to wipe off the sweat,or is it soup oba dust(whatever it is,you wipe) and you are ready,two minutes after the question was popped.

That is how Valentine's day will be from now on.A high class committee meeting sat. Don't say ssha! oba msweww..I was there.I took the minutes. High impact decisions were taken. I give you a sneak peak.You thought you were my friend for free? Here.

I am here today, to tell you  what will happen tomorrow,or is it the other day,whenever that Holi-day will fall. Valentine holiday.
A great day has befallen us(the Chairman whispered with fear),without warning,and all the calendars of the world are this moment re-shading themselves in red. Yes,if you were inquiring where the red theme comes from;from the calendars.

                                            Diagram 1:example of first date kiss
Minute 1:Girls.It will be your turn to carry flowers to the boys and pay for dinner too.The rewards are that even if you forgot to bring flowers,now you will know why it 's not such a big deal. He won't throw you out...and I hope you stay long enough,when you drop him off to know that kissing on a first date is actually o.k. We(meaning aforementioned high profile committee) heard your complaints and we have decided to give you a chance to lead the celebrations.Dont mess them up.

Minute2: The new official colour will be yellow and green. Red and Black are overused.So let me see me some green shoes boys.

Minute 3:No chocolate people. The factories want their people to have holiday also.Since its going to be different this holiday,buy rolex instead.Rolex people can work instead.

We are done here. See,it's not a big deal. Now go.

P.S. Iam not sure it will be a holiday,but not to worry,plastic flowers can be cut several days before. That is why you have a desk drawer at work.


  1. green shoes??? oooh poor boys! i can imagine!!!
    About the rolex, its nice when hot and with the jam in the city, it may be cold at the time of delivery, so i rather would stick to chocolate; not that i have a sweet tooth but its standard and no more less.
    And finally, let me hope that the plastic flowers dnt find their way out of the office drawers too.

    Marcie Kla ssese

  2. Ur asking for mubarak-like love today. Coincidentally i am in green.

  3. Marcie.The flowers got into the drawer.They just didn't get out.Something about 'I will kill you if you can't get' proper flowers! Was thinking someone had a wonderful Valentine with my new wardrobe tips.