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Friday, May 27, 2011

end of the word(kigambo)

I am sure by now you have already noticed that we postponed the end of the world.Our leader here

agreed with us that every one needs a second chance(you must have watched the soap) we did too. So you were spared. You see,this was going to be fun,remember us the followers would be watching the rapture on TV,can you imagine,as the rest of you die.Let me break this down. Some where around the world,the world would end.But there would be news teams filming,and reporting,then the faithful would be praying,oba for what and also watching a horror kind of movie,okitegeera?
Meaning this thing was going to be selective. Yes,even things of heaven be like that;ani akumanyi sort of. But then we re-scheduled,because we had not subscribed to enough channels to watch bulungi.

This should be a warning then for you to move away from places where you see news crews gathering.

While we were still reeling from the postponement and wondering just how St Peter would feel for having postponed his work,I watched TV. I told you we would be watching. But it was our Ugandan TV and it was Channel 44.You know it? Yes.There was this preacher working(read preaching) and something hit my eyes hard. A Mobile Number (registered for Mobile Money). Us viewers and congregation I guess were also being encouraged to send in the money.I didn't send ,well, because there was no network on mine,but I am sure those who sent in,plus secret code a fat blessing must have been SMSed back. Ensi eno!

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