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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Memory loss!

Till now, I am still trying to recollect my thoughts. That alone should tell you how
good some sessions of the conference were. Savanna Coffee lounge: forgot to tell you that the conference was held in Gigiri, the leafy neighborhood of Nairobi, at
The UN centre. So we were delegates there, you know.

So with the expected state of the art UN conference facilities and the greenery mentioned before, we managed to find a Members only bar and that is where some ‘sessions’ took place! But that is the other side of the conference! Before that, we arrived in Nairobi and up to Sandton Palace hotel, we went (I am speaking for myself) you must have noticed.

The conference started on Thursday, but before that we had missed a promised cocktail, which was not there any way, I was told later, and we had sang and danced at the Karaoke competition on Wednesday night. That was good stuff.

As I said, the conference started on Thursday and half the audience was half asleep. I was alert enough to notice that it was opened by the Kenyan Vice President, Kalonzo Mushoka, and then tea, and then lunch, and then the Savanna afore mentioned.

Back to the Conference, my highlights:
The DG nominee is someone whose progress I have been following, at least in entrepreneurial circles, a great man, with inspiration every time he speaks,       Rtn, now DGN Eric Kimani (you remember that speech  about personal branding?)
But this is already Saturday, with the Rotaract Conference having been officially closed the previous day, when the announcement was made. (I wrote my disclaimer earlier).So…..eeer, before that, MalcomTwino is confirmed as DRR nominee, and we had gotten a brilliant presentation from Rtn Kimbowa about Social entrepreneurship, and the END Polio campaign from DRR Lawi.

Haven’t I said enough?

The night life: You know Nairobi!!

Way forward: Addis 28th April-1stMay 2010. Your ticket by Ethiopian
Airlines will be 50% discounted.
Friends, that was my conference. Well organized and attended mostly by Ugandans as usual.

Copyright: Emmanuel  Njuki
Article first appeared in the ‘City Wheel’.
A monthly publication of the Rotaract Club of Kampala City;
May 2009.

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