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Friday, November 5, 2010

new bar requirements

 A brotha feels  thirsty and goes to the nearest help point, like Doctors advise.
Recently though,the list of  people- you- need- to-be -friends- with has drastically changed.At the last count,Bouncers and Security guards at Bars were on top of the list.
These guys will make you do whatever they  fancy,including scrutinising our sacred wallets,and they may ask why you carry around a near-empty wallet....and it gets more interesting with the gals...

How do you,for example, explain why you carry around  a 14' TV,laptop,printer and groceries in a bag which is supposed to be just an over-nite bag while you enter a bar? Those stylish bags ladies carry these days have those contents my dear.
So they will ask a 'sista' to step aside for special attention,and pour out all contents to be scanned!!! Of course some items will make noise!! But they are not bombs!! It is here that the said who -you- know status comes in handy.If you smile nice,or you know the bouncer or even pretend well to know him,you can pass.

News just coming in is that New Bar security measures now require one to sign in and provide info like this:
Full names....
Mobile  number..
Home number...
Photocopy of ID.
Time in..and Time out.( like I know!)
Reason for visiting...(Thirst).
 Now,all your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend can do is visit your favourite hang-out a week later  and reconclie the time you left  with the time you got home.

I wonder if Al-Shabab planned for this torture ripple effect on even those who missed or rather were missed by the bombs. Dont say I didn't warn you. Move with your passport. Just like at  the border

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