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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Cemetery park, please."

2.00am Saturday Morning
(Drizzles outside of the night Club)

"Could you plese drop me at Cemetery park?"
Totally zonked beauty slurs into this equally inebriated dude's ear.

Slightly attentive, possibly because the girl is such a looker, the short skirt she has on surely playing its role,he takes a double look.

"What d-d-did you say?” dude now fully alert, stammers.
Again it could have been the drink or the skirt.
Drawing even closer.
"I want to go to buje buje. I need a ride." She shouts into his ear.
"What are you saying?" he music does not make things any easier given their drunken state.
Drawing even closer, clasping one bony palm across the other ear, the one still saliva-free...

Dude softens up.
She takes it for a clue to explain.

Leading him by the hand through the mass of bodies on the dance floor,she throws him on the seat and straddles him.
Now she has his full attention.
Drawing even closer....
"I want to go to buje buje. Do you have a ride?"
"I will take you anywhere. Can we leave now?"
Miracles still happen, he is thinking.
His night fortunes have just turned around.

"But I don't think you understand. Buje buje is right there. There in Cemetery Park".
Dude is momentarily shocked.
He sets the record straight.
"No. You are not dead yet.
You are just drunk".

Who visits a cemetery at this time of the night!


Shoving her wig out of her eyes,she slowly lifts herself out of the couch.
"Oh my Gosh, these lights are really bright! Can I just lie here? Wake me up when we are ready to go."
In her soggy sub-conscious, she doesn't see any other people.
No music.
But all that is too much effort to grasp.
It is easier to just lie down.
Close her eyes to stop the spinning head.

Sam had kept filling her glass. Not letting it get even half full. At one moment he half remembered she almost sensed the quiet. That they were not in a loud discotheque anymore but in a quiet room, though with more alcohol.
Who would complain!

These girls, with drink! He muses.
But what did she mean by buje buje and the cemetery! Poor girl could be a recent orphan! He would ask her when she wakes up.

There is a loud knock on the door. He almost pours his drink. He panics. Who could that be!
He takes the almost dead girl to his bed.

There is a querying expression on his land lady's face. She must have heard all the shrieks and roars in the night. It had been a night of drunken stupor.
But even he could not remember whether anything happened!
Seeing the half drunk bottles and his breath not helping either, she gives him this disapproving look.
She retreats as quietly without saying a word.
This generation! She thinks.
But she is well paid and in time for her house,she cant complain about noise and girls too much.As long as they are not her own.

Damn nosy old woman! He is thinking.

A quick phone call clears everything up.
True,the girl in his bed is not known to him.
Never seen her before.
Last night was the first.

Her intention had been to go to Le Beaujolais. It is located inside Centenary Park.

But that was all before he had instead taken her home. To his home and kept feeding her alcohol till she blacked out.
Now how does a guy get someone who they don’t even know home!
And if they had just drunk all night, why was she in his shirt?

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